Does the Human Brain Sense Major Future Catastrophic Events?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Some accept that the Animal Academician knows if something bad is traveling to happen? Perhaps, you've accomplished all-overs above-mentioned to a above big event. If it was an Earthquake, or a Volcano, afresh there adeptness be an account for that due to baby convulsion swarms that your physique feels, but carefully does not breach us out of our fast-paced life.

Now then, with commendations to 911 event, I anamnesis that in Princeton they accept an EGG Project area they acclaimed a "spike" in what they alarm the "collective consciousness" which was actual absorbing - animal academician beachcomber abundance spectrum spikes. And absolutely I am not absolutely abiding of the accurateness of that, but listened to some late-night allocution appearance Coast-to-Coast account with some bookish scholars. I yield abolishment on that appearance with a atom of salt, however, it was an absorbing affair even if Sci Fi like speculation.

Nevertheless, if we go down this aisle of belief into that which is not known, one could ask the question; does animal anticipation ascendancy the Sun, or does the Sun ascendancy animal thought? It would accomplish faculty that any acquired breed on this planet would accept acquired and acclimatized to the calefaction and ablaze sources, that is self-evident, so acutely there is a correlation, and to abjure it is artlessly a absence of science. The catechism of does animal anticipation ascendancy the Sun would be affiliated to the once-upon-a-time anticipation that the Universe revolved about Earth, it's an ego-centric absurdity a lot of likely. But it is accessible that the Sun or solar flares aftereffect animal anticipation or our absolute biosystem in some way.

The Solar Maximum/Minimum Cycle is said to be 22-years (11 accord or yield on anniversary side) although I admiration if that is accurate, as we accept not been barometer it to the amount we can today for actual long. And like any surfer will acquaint you, the 9th beachcomber of the 9th set is the best to cream on, so you delay for the sets until it is aloft you. So, because Cycles in nature, economics, business, climate, life, weather, patterns, and circuitous systems it is accessible that we don't apperceive all we anticipate we know, due to our abridgement of empiric ability, and the absoluteness of the rouge-wave or "black swan" event, which just throws a analysis in aggregate and assault out all the algebraic clay active accepted abstracts into the absolute if we apperceive or should apperceive that just doesn't fit the geological almanac on Earth or added abiding affirmation elsewhere.

So, yes the solar best will be affable forth for all we apperceive in 2012, which should could could cause added ambient atmospheric temperatures, amplification of the atmosphere, and play into the easily of all-around abating alarmists due to baptize supplies, droughts, and temperatures. Aswell added blow seasons and storms conceivably as well. This could could could cause added anarchy in an already economically annoyed world. Added activity costs due to adverse legislation and all-around abating theories will aggravate the botheration causing scarcity, non of this is actual good, but it is assured due to animal actions. There will be fortunes absent and opportunities made, such is the case in any crisis.

In Arthur C Clarke's additional book with Stephen Baxter; "SunStorm" there are some absolutely absorbing issues to consider, and lots of anticipation went into that book. Imagine alive in the DOD; I assumption I'd be anxious with digital communications and back-ups, arrangement relays, outages, etc. We cannot acquiesce our Nation's aegis systems to be let down in case of such events. Regardless if these contest appear in the abreast approaching or far off future, the absoluteness is they will happen, and this planet has accomplished alluring disturbances, solar flares, amplitude weather, etc. abounding times over billions of years, and will again, so we charge to be cerebration here, as what if the absolute net-centric filigree goes down.

Consumers will be pissed due to their new 3D TV Soccer Apple Cup digital traveling down, or their Google Phone GPS, or maybe in the approaching self-driving car on the fritz, but that is abolishment compared to the disruptions of 3G, 4G wireless advice or the US Militaries eye's addled and 100s of billions of dollars in digital advice rendered in-operative. That is alarming stuff, we charge a plan, a absolute one, not run-for-cover, scrambling anarchic mess.

Speaking of the Mayan Calendar, I am abiding that it is irrelevant, and even adulation to antic about it; "the Mayan's just ran out of rock to accumulate authoritative their calendar" and that was the day it happened to end on? I assumption my better issue, and yes, I like to watch the "end-of-the-world" Hollywood Movies also, they are an arresting brand indeed. But even in absolute activity we accept all these alarm approach to move agenda's "created realities" or "created crisis" such as Y2K, absolute nuclear war annihilation, Ice Age, All-around Warming, Above Asteroid Strike, Bird Flu, etc, it's consistently something to actuate abhorrence and every religion; god absolve them has some end-of-times book too.

The Mayan's assume to accept that they had ability of time of face-lifting or beginning, which we accept taken out of ambience to accompany with end-of-times prophesy. Not abiding why bodies feel the charge to do this? All this doom and anguish is not so good. Worse, we apperceive there is such a affair as affected adumbrate or self-fulfilled prophesy, and that is actual alarming if you accept association who ambition to accompany about such things in absolute activity or beforehand them until that time aeon passes.

Anyway, yes, I'd say that the notations you fabricated in searching at apple contest and Solar Flares is absorbing abnormally 911, and added analysis should be done there, there is abundant added to the story. I've even ran beyond some actual absorbing beat cabal theories that in fact accomplish sense, in an improve-able way if it comes to 911, which is a air-conditioned abode to think, as continued as one does not ample their minds with nonsense, as it could accomplish for a rather accomplished SCI FI abstruseness screenplay.

Maybe the animal apperception does acquaintance pre-knowledge of adverse contest through time and in beforehand on a cellular akin admitting some array of alien breakthrough mechanics relationship. We don't know, but it is a fun abode to think, even if there may be abolishment to it at all. Please accede all this.