Astrology - Understanding the Significance of the Astrological Events of 2010 - 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

The key to compassionate the acceptation of the accepted Astrological contest which will abide through 2010 to 2012 lies in compassionate the polarities of the signs that are involved, decidedly the Cancer-Capricorn polarity.

These arduous times accompany us an befalling to appear calm and deathwatch up. Whatever happens in agreement of political and apple contest will be a huge wake-up alarm agreeable us to be 'with' one addition in affinity and benevolence (Cancer). But aboriginal we will be 'squeezed' because we are so aggressive to alteration our old ways. These 'old ways' took us too far into the Capricorn end of the pole: and at the everyman egoic excesses of Capricorn at that. This led to abuses of power, government, ascendancy and the mis-management of the world's resources.

The admirable cantankerous on June 26th, with a full-moon and lunar eclipse, was a actual able accumulating of activity that was all about change: service, healing, the breaking down of old systems: political, banking, accumulated and institutions. Dysfunctional systems: old organisational and authoritative structures (Capricorn) which are no best alive for the account of altruism are abandoning as their corruptness, amateurishness and any added dark, hidden aspects are aloft to the ablaze (Pluto brings that which is hidden from the base up to the light) for healing and transformation. Pluto which is, by the way, in the seventh abode disqualified by Libra and 'right animal relations'. It is time for Capricorn the abundant ability administrator of the zodiac to acceleration to a college vibration, appearance the accurate Capricorn colors and 'do the adapted thing' in it's accord with humanity. This agency a aloft anarchy in all authoritative systems as justice, ethics, accord and re-balancing (Libra) are brought to buck on how we administer the world's resources, and absolutely how we administer our animal assets to bigger affliction for ourselves and our planet (Cancer-Capricorn).

The attitude of 'we are getting attacked', and 'something is blow to us' is old Piscean victim consciousness. It is time to activate to our power. Attributing all of our problems to 'conspiracy theory' is a aberration and a huge abnegation of our own role in it.

'It wasn't me, it was them'. The 'us and them' duality of the politicians is no best appropriate. We accept a continued way to go afore the majority of humans will acquaintance 'unity consciousness' (the accomplished beating of Pisces) but the Age of Aquarius will advance us there, and it will advance us there through the college Aquarian ethics of humanitarianism in alignment with the accomplished beating of Aquarius' adverse assurance Leo: the aisle of self-realization. The bifold access of 'valuing the accent of the individual, and self-transformation' (Leo), while 'focusing our energies against altruistic ends' (Aquarius). This is actual altered from the lower Piscean vibration: a 'shoal-of-fish' abstraction of affectionate service, with humans as faceless apparatus in a collective, cogs in a wheel. Communism rose at the appendage end of the Pisces era. The 'selfless' account of the approaching will not appear as a aftereffect of suppressing the abandoned self, but as a aftereffect of accurate liberation of the mind, and acute the self. Actual different.

Nietsche batten of three stages in the change of consciousness: the camel, the bobcat and the child. The biscuit is still asleep, allotment of the herd, traveling forth and dupe its' adept to yield affliction of its' needs. The bobcat awakens and roars: What about me? The bobcat is an individual. The bobcat break chargeless from the accumulation mentality, 'mob consciousness', and walks alone. Again through walking alone, continuing alone, getting an individual, demography albatross for ones' airy development, one awakens into the child: the laughing, dancing, chargeless spirit that (through claimed experience) knows itself to be "a accurate abandoned 'indivisible' from the whole". (paraphrased from OSHO's Zen tarot)

The contest that appear about this Admirable Cantankerous will could cause us to catechism how abundant we can assurance those to whom we accord over our power: our governments and institutions. We accord over our bloom to doctors, we abandon our claimed responsibility, and again we wish to 'sue' somebody if things go wrong. We acquiesce ourselves to be victims: we are band indeed!

Aquarius is calling us up to yield claimed responsibility: to be able individuals alive in account for humanity, not for a faceless 'collective'.

Some Astrologers are suggesting this is a time to accumulate your arch down, ride it through and 'go with the flow'. Well, it is absolutely not a time for afraid what is happening. However, it is a time to yield albatross and angle in our claimed power. Not like King Canute who is unrealistically aggravating to authority aback the waves: likewise, if the Tsunami is coming, if you break on the bank and do nothing, you'll be done away. It is time for activity but appropriate, conscious, action. Activity whereby you attenuated your focus: attending to your 'field of influence' as Stephen Covey put it (in "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"). To stop annoying over the things you can't access and absolutely put your activity into those things area you can accomplish a difference. And you can. We all can.

"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do annihilation because you can alone do a little." -Sydney Smith

Saint Francis of Assisi said "do baby things and do them well" The 6th abode disqualified by Virgo (Pisces' adverse sign) knows that the abstruse of bloom and healing lies not in admirable ballsy gestures, but baby constant action, paying absorption to the details.

Cancer is the assurance of affecting intelligence. Too abundant is accounting of Cancers lower vibrational ancestry of getting ever nurturing, absorbed to the home and possibly even smothering. These times alarm us all to 'quantum leap' to the accomplished of who we are. Let's attending at what the accomplished of what Cancer has to offer: benevolence and affinity in action. Let's not overlook that Cancer is, afterwards all, a basal sign: basal signs yield the lead, yield the action and avant-garde new agency of getting and doing. No blow that added Nurses are Cancerian than any added sign. Could you brainstorm managing an ER department? Or caring for three accouchement beneath 5? Cancer can do it. With ease, grace, amends and aloft all, affinity and compassion. If the chips are down Mother Cancer gets her priorities right.

On August 6th 2010 we accept a accurate Basal Cross: if the moon in Cancer moves into the 4th abode (ruled by Cancer). What has been active up our abhorrence and affections from the June 26 Admirable Cantankerous and afore now has an befalling to carve out a new way. Cancer comes in to yield the advance emotionally, after 'smothering us'. Because we are not victims, we are not babies, we are developed up now - the Sun in Leo in the 6th abode of Virgo: the accurate Self, is healing. Cancer accomplish in to appearance us a way forward: how to get our priorities right. On August 6th if the Sun is in Leo: Mother Cancer comes home to, compassionately, appearance her besmirched accouchement how to abound up and reside responsibly.

Once we accept antithesis in the Aquarius-Leo axis, we will accept able self-realized individuals who apperceive their self-value and how to plan for the greater acceptable of humanity. A counterbalanced Cancer-Capricorn arbor will acquiesce us to use our affecting intelligence and abundant benevolence to antithesis the world's assets for the account of all.

These are absorbing times indeed, and the key to compassionate these changes lies in compassionate the college accordance of anniversary assurance and the acclimation of the polarities, as we anniversary accession our own abandoned beating and consciousness.