2012 and Celestial Events

Friday, December 7, 2012

Our expedition beyond the cosmos is declared as a annular aisle that carries us through the 12 acclaimed zodiac signs. The end of the accepted apple age, which began on August 11, 3114 BC, is signaled by the attenuate alignment of our solar arrangement with the amount of the Milky Way galaxy on December 21, 2012. The endure time this occurred was about 26,000 years ago. It was again that we began the adventure that carries us through the angelic aisle of all 12 signs of the zodiac, starting with the age of Aquarius. As we cantankerous the beginning of the Milky Way's equator in the December 21, 2012 time frame, we complete one processional year of all 12 zodiac constellations and activate the next.

When this alignment happens, our Solar System, with the Sun in the center, will concealment the appearance from Earth, of the centermost of the Milky Way. Mayan astronomers advised this centermost atom to be the Milky Way's womb, a acceptance now accurate by all-encompassing affirmation that this is area the galaxy's stars are created. Astronomers now assumption that there is a atramentous aperture appropriate at the centermost sucking up the matter, activity and time that will serve as raw abstracts for the conception of approaching stars.

What this agency is that whatever activity about streams to Earth from the centermost point of the Milky Way will be disrupted on December 21, 2012, for the aboriginal time in 26000 years. The Maya accept that our getting even briefly cut off from the emanations from the centermost of the galaxy will bandy out of appearance basic mechanisms of our bodies and of the Earth. It charcoal to be apparent whether this is will be a acceptable affair or a bad thing. One affair is for sure, it is an agitative time to be a allotment of.